Financial Information

Privately insured patients

Different health funds and different policies vary in what components of your day surgery stay will be covered. As a result, their excess payments and gap payments may apply to your admission. It is essential that you contact your fund or insurer prior to admission to confirm your level of cover and to understand what you will need to pay for.

Questions to ask your health fund:
  • Is your policy up to date?
  • Does your policy cover the procedure you’re having?
  • Are there any excess or co-payments?
  • Are there any exclusions or restrictions?

Depending upon your medical condition or procedure, you may require radiology, pathology and specialist consultations during your day surgery stay. These will attract additional charges that may be covered in part or in full by your health fund and Medicare. Our staff will perform a membership eligibility check with your health fund before you are admitted and seek your informed consent to incurring any out of pocket expenses associated with your admission. A cost estimate will be provided for all out of pocket expenses. Any excess, co-payment or out of pocket expenses associated with your admission must be paid prior to or upon admission to the day surgery.

Self-insured patients

If you do not have private health cover, you may elect to be admitted as a self- insured patient. Self-insured patients who are registered with Medicare can claim the rebate if the procedure is eligible. Prior to admission, you will be asked to pay the full estimated cost for your day surgery stay. Overseas visitors with travel insurance will also be required to pay the hospital estimate prior to admission. Reimbursement may then be claimed from your travel insurer.

This estimate, which is based on your doctor’s advice, may change if you need more or less treatment than expected. If this happens, you will receive a refund or account which needs to be settled on discharge. Please note that non-residents cannot claim a Medicare rebate and are not eligible to receive subsidies from the Australian Government for their medications through the Pharmaceuticals Benefit Scheme.

Veterans and war widow/ers

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs fully covers all inpatient-related day surgery costs for an entitled veteran or war widow/er. The day surgery will lodge a claim on your behalf.

Third Party Liability and WorkCover patients

Patients admitted as a result of WorkCover and third party liability will require written acceptance of admission from the relevant insurance company, prior to admission. Any claims that have not been accepted by the insurance company will require the day surgery’s estimated fee to be paid by the patient prior to admission.

Other fees

Fees charged by anaesthetist, other medical, allied health, radiology and pathology practitioners will be billed separately by the relevant provider after your stay. These bills should be settled directly with the provider and not through the day surgery.

How to pay

You can pay our account with cash, cheques, money order and EFTPOS (Visa, Mastercard, Debit Card). We do not accept American Express or Diners Club. Please note, many financial institutions have daily limits on EFTPOS transactions.