Preparing for admission

Please shower on the day of admission before coming to the day surgery. Wear garments that are comfortable and easy to remove. Cotton underpants may be worn to the theatre. If you wear contact lenses they will need to be removed before surgery so we suggest you bring your lense case.

When you arrive

Please present to the day surgery reception located on level 11 where you will be greeted by our Admission staff to finalise any outstanding paper work and pre- payment of accounts. Once this is complete, you will be accommodated in the day surgery in preparation for your surgery. You will be given a gown to change into and a locker to leave your personal belongings. Your anaesthetist and doctor will meet with you prior to your procedure for usual pre-operative medical check and ensure you are comfortable before surgery.

Dietary Requirements

On admission please advise us of any dietary requirements you have and any food to which you may be allergic. You will be given a light diet and refreshments after your procedure.

What to bring

Please use the following checklist to ensure that you remember to bring everything you need. We recommend that all belongings brought to the day surgery are labeled with your name on them.

  • Original pre-admission forms (if these were faxed)
  • Health Insurance Fund and/or Veterans Affairs card;
  • Medicare card;
  • Pension and/or health care card;
  • Any forms, notes, reports or letters from your doctor;
  • All relevant x-rays, MRIs, scans;
  • All medication you are currently taking (including insulin and inhalers);
  • Reading material (books, magazine, cross words, Sudoku etc);
  • Glasses and physical aids (walking sticks, hearing aids etc);
  • Suitable arrangements to pay your account In the interest of your safety, we ask that you

Do Not

  • Eat or drink anything not in accordance with fasting instructions including chewing gum, sucking mints and smoking
  • Apply powder, creams or lotions
  • Wear jewellery
  • Wear makeup or nail polish;
  • Bring any items of value.
  • Macquarie St Day Surgery does not accept liability for any items brought into the day surgery.


Companions of day surgery patients can wait in the day surgery waiting room. Alternatively staff can estimate your departure time and can notify your companion when you are ready to leave.

Mobile Phones

As mobile phones can interfere with the electronic medical equipment, we ask you and your visitors to keep their use to a minimum.

Other Facilities

There is a cafeĢ on the ground floor. A pharmacy is also located at 193 Macquarie St Sydney (2 doors down).


Macquarie St Day Surgery is a smoke free environment. Smoking is not permitted within the building by you or your visitors.

Interpreter Services

An interpreter service can be arranged if necessary.