Going Home

Discharge from the Day Surgery

Once your doctor has approved your discharge, we will commence planning for your return home. You will rest in the Recovery area until your doctor or nurse sees you and approves your discharge. You must have a responsible adult accompanying you home. It is also highly recommended that you have someone to stay with you overnight.

Before you leave the day surgery, please ensure that:

  • you or your relatives/friends know how to care for you at home
  • all follow-up appointments have been made and
  • collect any x-rays or medications brought with you on admission

It is advisable that in the first 24 hours after surgery you DO NOT:

  • Drive a motor vehicle after having a general anaesthetic or sedation; as you will not be covered by insurance in the case of an accident
  • Use any machinery or tools;
  • Make important decisions (e.g. sign legal documents);
  • Drink alcohol
  • Do anything that requires a high level of alertness or coordination

Discharge against medical advice

If you choose to discharge yourself from the day surgery against medical and nursing staff advice, you will be required to sign a Release from Responsibility for Discharge form.


In the first 24 hours you should expect to have some discomfort. As a result of the anaesthetic, you may also suffer from a sore throat, headache and general aches and pains. Take pain relief as recommended by your doctor. Following anaesthetics, some people can experience nausea, which may progress to vomiting. If this happens, take small frequent sips of water. If the problem does not resolve itself, contact your doctor. If you have excessive pain, swelling or headaches or are generally concerned about your condition, please contact your doctor. You are welcome to contact us once you have gone home should you have any queries or concerns. Just phone us on +61 2 8223 1818 or alternatively please contact your medical specialist or your GP.

Settling your account

If additional services were provided, you will be issued with an account. This must be settled before you leave the day surgery.


We value your opinion on the care and services Macquarie St Day Surgery provides and we ask you to complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey. Any suggestions for improvements or compliments would be welcomed. Most importantly, if you experience any problems during your stay please ask to see the Director of Nursing immediately.

If the concern is not resolved to your satisfaction you may wish to contact :

The Health Care Complaints Commission

Locked Mail Bag 18 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012.
Tel : 1 800 0463 159

Post Operative Care

The morning after your procedure a nurse will call you to check how you are feeling and answer any post operative questions you may have. If at any time after the procedure you have any concerns please contact your doctor immediately.